Why Learn To Fly?

Flying is easy, affordable, fun and most importantly it is safe!

As the great philosopher Confucius once said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Your first step is to get in to an aircraft and experience flying for yourself.

Learning to fly is a lot easier than many people think! You don’t have to become a commercial or military pilot to fly, you can be part of general aviation.

Today there are thousands of people, just like you, taking flying lessons. They come from all walks of life and have a variety of reasons for wanting to be a pilot. Some fly to expand business opportunities, others to explore careers in the aviation industry. Some are looking for an activity they can share with their friends and family, most fly for the sheer fun of it!

When you obtain an Australian pilot licence it is recognized internationally.

  • Requirements Requirements

    There are just a few basic requirements you will have to meet to commence pilot training:

    • Speak English
    • Pass a basic medical exam prior to flying solo
    • Be at least 15 years of age to fly solo

    While there is a minimum age requirement to fly solo, there is no strict age limit to begin your flight training. We recommend lessons to start no earlier than 13-14 years of age.

    If you are medically fit, it is never too late to start. We recently had a student complete his first solo flight aged 83 years young!

  • Affordability Affordability

    Pilot training is not as expensive as many people think. Your training can be structured to meet either your budget or time constraints. Whether you would like to fly 50 hours per month, or just an hour or two, the decision is yours.

    You may carry passengers and legally share the cost of your flights having achieved your Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL). It takes approximately 30-40 hours of flight training to obtain this licence, after which you will commence cross-country navigation exercises.

    When you obtain your Private Pilot Licence (PPL) you are able to fly anywhere in Australia, and share the costs with your passengers. Sharing the costs between a few people can make that trip away quite affordable.

  • Safety Safety

    More so than anything else, safety comes first in the general aviation industry. In fact, safety is the foundation of flight training.

    As Australia's only Cessna Pilot Centre we have a fleet of new current generation Cessna aircraft for you to conduct your training in.

    Today's training aircraft are engineered and built to rigid standards and are serviced by aircraft engineers every 100 flight hours, and comprehensively checked by a qualified pilot at the beginning of each day.

  • Getting Started Getting Started

    We hope that you'll find all the information you require on our web site. If you have any unanswered questions, or would just like to chat, feel free to contact us or drop in to speak with one of our friendly staff members.

    Whether you are keen to get started, or unsure whether flying is for you, a Trial Instructional Flight (TIF) will let you take the controls under the supervision of a qualified flight instructor.

  • Fun Factor Fun Factor

    Many pilots choose to fly simply because it is fun! Flying can be a great recreational activity you can share with friends and family.