Why Camden?

Why Camden?

There are many reasons why students prefer Camden over Bankstown for their flight training in Sydney.

  • It's generally more cost effective!

    Bankstown is the busiest training airport in Australia. There are regularly delays in taking off and landing, delays that cost you time and money.

    At Camden it is rare that to experience delays of this nature.

  • Proximity to the Training Area

    At Bankstown it is necessary to fly for some distance before you can start performing manoeuvres and climb to higher altitudes. This is due to the proximity of Bankstown Airport to Sydney Airport.

    At Camden you are only 2 nautical miles (less than 4km) from the student training area. Being so close to the training area saves both time and money while training.

  • Radio Traffic

    At Bankstown there are typically a lot of other aircraft in the circuit that can make radio communication more difficult and distracting for a new student.

    At Camden there are less distractions, this allows a student early in their training to concentrate on flying.

  • Radio Procedures

    Camden has an Air Traffic Control tower that operates daily between 8am and 6pm. While the tower is in operation it provides students with experience in a controlled environment.

    Early morning when the tower is closed students are able to practice procedures for non-controlled aerodromes, the same procedures used by the majority of aerodromes in Australia. Additionally, when ATC is not operational students are taught decision making and risk management techniques for operating at airports without air traffic control services.

    When ATC is not operating there are no landing fees attracted - reducing the cost of training.

  • Runway Options

    Camden has both a sealed and grass runway for powered aircraft. This allows you to practice on both and determine how your aircraft performs on different surfaces.

    Unlike Bankstown our runways are not parallel. This allows you to pick a runway most suited to the wind, or specifically pick a runway that is not favourable for crosswind practice.

  • RNAV (GNSS) Practice

    Camden has an RNAV(GNSS) approach procedure that is readily available for practice.

  • Scenery!

    The airport is surrounded on three sides by the Nepean River, located within view of the Blue Mountains and picturesque Camden township. It sure beats flying over suburbia and industrial area!

    Most weekends you will also see many gliders soaring in the skies to the south of the airfield, before returning for landing just in front of our main hangar.

  • Getting To Camden

    Camden is typically less than an hour drive from the Sydney CBD.