Instrument Rating (multi-engine)

The course cost is $22,000 AUD

The instrument rating is probably one of the most challenging ratings you will undertake in your flying career. It demands concentration, focus and precision every minute of every flight. While you can do your Instrument rating in a single engine aircraft, it has little value if you wish to go on and fly commercially as most employers are looking for the Multi Engine Instrument Rating. The course is completed in our multi-engine aircraft.

During your instrument rating, you will obviously learn how to fly in cloud, but more importantly you will learn how to conduct the various instrument approaches that get you out of cloud and in close proximity to your destination aerodrome so you can land. In some cases the approaches will line you up on the runway centerline. There are a variety of navigation exercises that will challenge you every step of the way so that on completion you will be a well accomplished pilot who is ready to take on the challenges of real world aviation. You will also be required to sit the IREX course and pass the final examination.