Tail Wheel Endorsement

Tail Wheel Endorsement

Take up the challenge of flying tail wheel – improve your skills and fly a larger variety of aircraft!

Flying an aircraft with tail wheel configuration requires a higher degree of manipulative skills when compared to your typical tricycle configuration. Once mastered, flying a ‘tail dragger’ will give you no end of enjoyment and satisfaction. Until you fly a tail wheel you probably don’t realise what you’re missing!

Choosing to fly with Atlas Aviation gives you access to a range of tail wheel aircraft. While initial endorsement training is conducted in the EXTRA300L, subsequent training and/or type checks are available on the following tail wheel aircraft:

These aircraft, and the Extra, all of these aircrafts have aerobatic capabilities. It is well worth considering the Aerobatic Rating course in addition to a tail wheel endorsement.

Our instructors have flown piston and turbine tailed wheeled aircraft in normal ,aerobatic,air transport categories and opreations.So you are in the best of hands!

Course Overview

The tail wheel endorsement consists primarily of take-off and landing practice, augmented by air-work as needed to increase attitude control and rudder coordination skills.

  • Aircraft Systems
  • Pre-Flight Considerations
  • Taxi Procedures
  • Run-Up Procedures
  • General Handling
  • Stalls / Spins
  • Take-off (Normal and Crosswind)
  • Landing (Normal and Crosswind)
  • “Wheeler” Landings
  • “Three-Point” Landings
  • Bounce recovery
  • Go-Around
  • Emergency Procedures

At completion the completion of this course you will receive a Tail Wheel Endorsement and be authorised to hire our Citabria (7GCBC).

Tailwheel Undercarriage Endorsement Estimate

Below is an estimate based on pricing current at 1st May 2018 and includes all the training a typical trainee requires to meet the required standard.

Courses typically run on a one-to-one basis and are designed to fit in to both your schedule and budget constraints.

Tail Wheel Endorsement
Flight Training ———>> Price: $1,614
  • 5.0 Hours Dual (PITTSS2A)
  • Pre-flight Briefings
Landing / Movement Fees ———->> Price: $140
  • Landing Fees (5)
  • Movement Fees (5)
Estimated Total: ———>> Price: $1,754
  • Price is exclusive of GST.
  • Hours quoted are the typical hours achieved by most trainees. If you are not up to the required standard at the completion of the course additional training will be required.