Multi-Engine Class Rating

Multi-Engine Class Rating

Step up to the world of twin-engine aircraft!

This course provides you with the specific skills required to safely and accurately operate a twin-engine aircraft. While each type of twin engine aircraft requires a specific type check, your initial endorsement will allow you to quickly transition to other types in the future.

Most people are under the belief that two engines are always better than one – this is not always true! In many light twin-engine aircraft having an engine failure can result in it being more of a handful than the single engine, and a positive rate of climb may not be assured.

For prospective commercial pilots a multi-engine class type rating is essential to both build experience and obtain a position flying charter or in the airlines.

Your training will be conducted in a Piper Seneca II – this is a high performance aircraft featuring turbo-charged engines, retractable undercarriage, CSU propellers and modern avionics including a HSI and Garmin 530 GPS.

Your initial multi-engine type rating course consists of two main components:
  • Multi-Engine Theory
  • Multi-Engine Flight Training

Your training will be based on the Civil Aviation Advisory Publication (CAAP) 5.23 relating to Multi-Engine Airoplane Operations and Training.

Flight Training and Experience Requirements

Your flight training will cover the following aspects of multi-engine operations. Theory covering these topics will be delivered through classroom briefings before flight.

  • Procedures
  • General Handling
  • Advanced Handling
  • Circuits
  • Introduction to Asymmetric Flight
  • Critical and Safety Speeds
  • Asymmetric Performance
  • Instrument Flying

There is a minimum flight time of 5.0 hours for this rating, with the syllabus recommending 8.0 hours.

Having obtained your initial multi-engine class rating subsequent multi-engine aircraft checks can typically be completed in as little as 2.0 hours of flight time.

Multi-Engine Class Rating Estimate

Below is an estimate based on pricing current at 1st May 2018 and includes all the training a typical trainee requires to meet the required standard.

Courses typically run on a one-to-one basis and are designed to fit in to both your schedule and budget constraints.

Multi-Engine Endorsement (Initial)
Flight Training ———>> Price: $3,664

6.5 Hours Dual (PA34 Seneca)

Theory / Briefings ——–>> Price: $308
  • Classroom Briefings
  • Multi-Engine Piston Book (Aviation Theory Centre)
  • PA34 Seneca Information Manual
Landing / Movement Fees ———–>> Price: $402
  • Landing Fees (6)
  • Movement Fees (6)
Multi-Engine Class Flight Test ———>> Price: $1190
  • 1.5 Hours Solo (PA34 / PA39)
  • Flight Examiner Fee
  • Landing and Movement Fees
Estimated Total: ———->> Price: $5,564
  • Price is exclusive of GST.
  • Payment can be made as you go, pre-paid in full or via installments.
  • Hours quoted are the typical hours achieved by most trainees. If you are not up to the required standard at the completion of the course additional training will be required.