Emergency Manoeuvre Training

Emergency Manoeuvre Training

Give yourself greater awareness, confidence and ability as a pilot with our Emergency Manoeuvre Training course.
During your course you will also be introduced to basic aerobatics in order to aid with unusual attitude recovery.

At the completion of the course you’ll have a much greater understanding of aircraft handling and performance at the edge of the flight envelope.

Many who complete this course elect to further enhance their skills and knowledge by doing an Aerobatic Rating.

This course is the perfect program for pilots of all skill levels wanting to learn more about:
  • Stalling
  • Unusual Attitudes
  • Spinning
  • Emergency Situations (Collision avoidance, forced landings)
Course Overview

Over five flights of approximately of approximately 45 minutes each you will cover:

  • Unusual Attitudes
  • Advanced Stalling
  • Advanced Spinning
  • Emergency Spin Recovery Method
  • Forced Landings
  • Mountain Flying Risks
  • Terrain/Obstacle Avoidance
  • Each flight includes a pre-flight and post-flight briefing.
Emergency Manoeuvre Training (EMT) Course Estimate

Below is an estimate based on pricing current at 1st May 2018 and includes all the training a typical trainee requires to meet the required standard.

Courses typically run on a one-to-one basis and are designed to fit in to both your schedule and budget constraints.

Emergency Manoeuvre Training
Flight Training ——->> Price: $2200
  • 4.0 Hours Dual (CT4E or EXTRA300L)
  • 2.0 Hour Briefings
Landing / Movement Fees ——–>> Price: $160
  • Landing Fees (4)
  • Movement Fees (4)
Estimated Total: ————>> Price: $2360
  • Price is exclusive of GST.
  • Hours quoted are the typical hours achieved by most trainees. If you are not up to the required standard at the completion of the course additional training will be required.