If you’ve been contemplating a career in aviation, there is no better time than now to get into training, gain your licence and watch the opportunities that will greet you. The most difficult task when contemplating a career in aviation is WHO you decide to train with. Atlas Aviation Australia is home to the most experienced pilots who’s backgrounds range from combat to transport and rotary wing. Our standard of flying is the envy of all pilots who aspire to achieve the very highest of standards in flying skills and proficiency.

At AAA we give you better value for money as we take the time to teach you aerobatics, spinning, and formation flying all included in the 150 hour or 200 hour commercial license courses. Incorporating these three vital parts of flying allow you to gain the confidence that you can handle any aircraft in any configuration confidently and safely.

The difference with our course is that any aircraft is capable of being maneuvered in three dimensions hence our courses are designed to train and enable our graduates to control an aircraft in any combination of the three dimensions The standard of training is so high that we have Australia’s only approved AIR to AIR COMBAT TRAINING syllabus outside of the RAAF. We have given our students the best start possible with our students joining the Royal Australian Air Force, Australian Airlines such as Virgin Blue, Qantas, V Australia, and International Airlines such as Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines and Sun Express to name a few.

Atlas Aviation Australia is located at Camden Airport, south west of Sydney in New South Wales. The advantage of flying out of Camden is that the airport is much less congested compared to nearby Bankstown this results in you spending less time on the ground and more time in the AIR.